Business Directory

Below is a list of Canterbury Businesses. If you are a business located in Canterbury, and want to be included in the directory listing (web & print versions). Please email the EDC at:

Agricultural Products

Roland Burroughs
90 Barstow Road
Hay, corn silage, sweet corn, pumpkins. Call to make arrangements.
Chris & Mavis Newton, Owners
176 Depot Road
Family-Owned, Grass-Based Dairy
CT Licensed Raw Milk, Cream Lined 1/2 Gal. & Qt. Glass Containers. Farm raised, all natural, grass fed beef and nitrate free pork, chickens and eggs. Open 5 days weekly from 10 to 6; closed Sunday and Thursday.Advanced Appt. for Pick-Up
John Labossiere
371 North Canterbury Road
Vineyard, wholesale grape sales, wine production. Tours, picnics, educational seminars: Growing & Tending Grapes. Special event location.
Mark & Alisa Mierzejewski, Owners
44 N. Canterbury Road (Rt. 169)
Yarn, Garlic, Honey.
Alpaca Breeders & Wool Producers Since 2000.
Alpaca Sales, Stud Services, Brokering & Consulting. Show Quality Breeding Program.
In-The-Crimp farm shop sells farm-grown yarn and roving along with popular brands. Accessories, garments & gifts, needles, hooks, patterns.
Farm produces wool products, honey & garlic
Todd Burnett
351 Brooklyn Road
Premium container grown trees, shrubs, and perennials for garden centers, landscapers and wholesalers throughout New England. Only open to the public on special sales events.
183 Barstow Road
Field grown trees and shrubs forlandscape market. Wholesale only, not open to public.
Richard Coombs
370 Water Street
Family operated dairy farm. Not open to the public.
Dean Davis
32 Kerr Road
Hay for sale. 
Joyce & David Hart, owners
102 Westminster Road
Greenhouse. Floral Services, Gift Shop, Gardening Advice, Landscaping, Annuals, Perennials, Hanging Baskets, Herbs, Roses, Nursery Stock, Trees, Shrubs, Planting Supplies, Soil, Mulch, Seeds, Insecticides, Fertilizer, Garden Supplies, Tools, Gifts & Arrangements for Seasonal Holidays & Events
Denise Henry, owner
227 North Society Road
Certified naturally grown vegetables. Baby chicks spring through summer. Animal feeds available, hay, shavings. USDA inspected and approved 100% grass fed beef, pork, value added meat products.
233 Woodchuck Hill Road
Glen and Joan Veit
31 Kitt Road
Farm raised grain fed angus beef.
Tim & Bill Tyler
495 North Society Road
Family operated dairy farm, custom combining, hay and corn sales, replacement heifers. Not open to the public.
Nancy MacGlaflin
300 South Canterbury Road
Family dairy farm. Not open to the public.
Michael & Christina Fensley, Owners
153 North Canterbury Road
Farm Stand, Soaps, Home Made Canned Goods, Poultry, Eggs