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Pet Care

208 Gooseneck Hill Road
Everything under one-woof!
Boarding-grooming classes, training, agility & handling
Laurel Donelson, Owner
208 Gooseneck Hill Road
Boarding, Training, Dog Sales. Beginners to Advanced Classes, Agility, Breed Handling, Great Danes & Dachshunds Breeding & Sales
Jennifer Broome, owner
265 North Society Road
Dog Training & Boarding Facility. Boarding, Grooming, Day Care, Training, Gun Dog Training, Boot Camp, Dog Food, Vitamins, Training Equipment, Private Lessons, Clinics & Demonstrations for Community Events, Shows & Workshops
Ginnyann Campbell, owner
611 Westminster Road
Dog & Cat Grooming in a calm, quiet, in-home environment, Ear Cleaning, Nail & Hair Clipping & General Bathing with attention to Fleas & Related Skin Problems.