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Providence Journal sale to Bulletin parent closes

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. – A.H. Belo Corp. has completed its sale of The Providence Journal for $46 million to the parent of Gatehouse Media. Dallas-based A. H. Belo announced on Wednesday that the sale had closed. New York-based New Media Investment Group Inc. purchased the assets of the newspaper and its production facility in Providence. The Bulletin is owned by New Media Investment Group Inc. The Journal reported that about 7 percent […]

Financial Planning: Social Security retirement benefits

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By Dustin ObhasMore Content NowFor many of you, Social Security is right around the corner. There are many questions surrounding this issue such as when can you start obtaining Social Security benefits, and some of the different ways to obtain benefits. I hope to outline a couple of strategies, as well as clarify when you are able to take your Social Security benefit. Full retirement age (FRA)Full retirement age is considered the age at […]

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Why Save Your Own Seed?

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In the wilds, plants bear fruits and naturally would fall to the ground where some of the seeds from the fruit would sprout in springtime and the whole process starts again… It’s plant’s circle of life.
Saving seeds have been practiced by early humans for food security. In todays world, the more we need to save seed and there are a lot of good reasons why. Saving seeds help you have a consistent quality and grow better crops each time. Some want to keep the heirloom seeds passed on to them by their ancestors. Others do it for seeds security reasons as some big seed company has stopped producing numerous excellent plant varieties in favor of the highly profitable hybrid types. Saving your own seeds assures you of the steady supply of the more nutritious crops. For the more serious farmers and gardeners, saving seeds of their prized plants grown on their own land helps them develop a better variety that is adapted to their soil and climate. Another good reason is saving money. Business is all about making money, large seed companies are no exemption. To maintain good profit, some companies no longer discard inferior seeds, but instead mix them up with the good seeds in their packaging and this spells production loss for farmers. I for one save seeds to make sure that what I’m growing comes not from a genetically modified material.
Here are some of the basics in saving seeds. When choosing the type of seeds you want to save, the best practice is to choose open-pollinated varieties. These are non-hybrid plants whose seeds are true generation after generation. There are two types of open- pollinated varieties, the self –pollinating which are the easiest to save you seeds from, they will grow and yield the same plant like the original for generations. The other type is the cross pollinating varieties which need to receive pollen from other plants of the same type to produce a true seed as the original. The pollination process is usually done either by insects or wind and will require a larger population in order to maintain healthy crops.
The best time to harvest your seeds for saving is when you see the fruits housing the seeds has matured or when the seeds are well formed and drying. This takes a little time, practice and patience to master and get used to the process.
When storing the seeds, be sure that they are completely dry and this usually takes 5 to 7 days via air drying. Dry your wet seeds on ceramic plates by spreading them evenly on the surface. To keep them from clumping together and ensure even drying, stir them often. Never dry them on paper towels to speed up drying, they will stick so hard on the paper, it will be impossible to take them off. If the place is humid, you can use silica gel or desiccant to take the moisture off. You can keep the seed for a longer period of time by storing them in freezer inside a glass jar.
Seeds are given to us by plants free of charge, let us continue this wonderful tradition of saving nature’s gift in our garden.
Have fun gardening!

Norwich muralist takes on second urban renewal project

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NORWICH – To combat the gang symbols and profanity that vandals have graffitied on the outside wallof his convenience store, Abdul Jabbar Khan had a simple – if unsightly – solution.“We tried to hide it withblack paint but they would do it again and again with bad words,” said Khan who owns Mak’s Food Mart at 204 Boswell Ave. in Norwich. “So many times. They just did it again and again.” […]

Digital Media Marketing: Video for your local business

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By Timothy Stansky, Propel MarketingShoppers are watching more videos than ever on their tablets and smartphones, offering yet another place to find business information.A quick online search might include a link to a video that answers a question or shows more information about a business – even an inviting photo of a restaurant’s award-winning recipe.According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more U.S. adults 18 to 34 than any cable […]

Connecticut unemployment rate falls to 6.6 percent

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WETHERSFIELD – Connecticut added jobs for a sixth straight month in July, dropping its unemployment rate to 6.6 percent, the state Department of Labor said Friday. The monthly economic report showed 2,400 non-farm jobs were added to the economy. The string of six consecutive months of job growth is the longest since the economic recovery began in early 2010.”This growth, along with continued declines […]

3 gamblers suing Foxwoods for $3 million

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NEW HAVEN – Three gamblers have filed a lawsuit against Foxwoods Resort Casino alleging the eastern Connecticut establishment failed to pay them more than $1.1 million they say they won in a table game in 2011 and didn’t give them back a $1.6 million deposit they put down to cover any losses.The Day of New London reports that the gamblers filed the lawsuit in federal court in New Haven July 31, seeking $3 million in damages. The plaintiffs are Chinese nationals Cheung Yin Sun […]

Auto Bits: Tips on making smart tire choices

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Tip of the WeekTires certainly look simple – black and round – but they are highly engineered technical wonders designed to work in concert with a vehicle’s braking and steering systems. However, knowing which type of tire to get can be kind of tricky. For instance, there are high-performance (HP) tires, as well as ultra high-performance (UHP). How different are they and how can you tell which one will work better for you?“It’s a good […]

Biz Bits: Tips for applying for small business loans

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Tip of the WeekLoans offered through the U.S. Small Business Administration offer a number of key advantages, including longer payback terms and higher borrowing limits, which can be useful when financing necessities like real estate and equipment. Unfortunately, despite the many benefits SBA loans offer, few small businesses take advantage of them. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when applying for an SBA loan:* Know your business – The first thing any lender wants […]